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5 Movies to see this weekend

The new sci-fi fantasy romance ‘I Am Number Four’ leads the pack of new movies to see this weekend.

1 ‘I Am Number Four’ Like Percy Jackson before him, Number Four is hoping to be the next Harry Potter. Or Edward Cullen. He’ll take either. This sci-fi fantasy romance about teenage aliens who fell to earth could be the next big thing or ... not.

2 ‘Unknown’ Who knew Liam Neeson was so talented at kicking butt and taking names? We did! Last year. When he was in “Taken.” That same sort of tough guy is back as a scientist who wakes from a coma to discover that some­one has taken his identity.

3 ‘Just Go With It’ Last weekend’s box-office champ was this Jennifer Aniston-Adam Sandler rom-com, in which Sandler’s character exploits Aniston’s children to convince his new love interest that he was previously married.

4 ‘The Eagle’ The best buddy-road-trip movie since “Due Date”? Nah, but with Channing Tatum and Jamie Bell fighting their way through Scotland’s wilderness in 140 A.D., we’ll still take it.

5 ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’ If you know anyone under 14, chances are that you’ve already seen or are committed to seeing this 3-D biography of our favorite teen mushroom-haired crooner.

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