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5 Reasons to go to the movies this weekend

Reese Witherspoon’s new film leads the list of movies to see this weekend.

1 ‘Water for Elephants’ Though some “Twilight” devotees will have a hard time swallowing June Carter Cash making out with Edward Cullen, we’re betting the best-selling novel’s storyline might help us not miss Bella as much.

2 ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’ Though it will surely kick some box-office butt this weekend, all we can say about this one is that it’s a Tyler Perry movie. A “Madea” Tyler Perry movie.

3 ‘African Cats’
Samuel L. Jackson narrates this documentary of a young lion cub, a cheetah and the leader of a pride of lions.

4 ‘Scream 4’ Wes Craven’s sequel/reboot of the ’90s slasher flicks that permanently stigmatized the ghostface mask is scarier than all its predecessors.

5 ‘Rio’ Animals from a sheltered world venture out to a strange new place. It’s like Angry Birds on the big screen.

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