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5 Reasons to go to the movies this weekend

Check out the God of Thunder, ‘Thor,’ smashing into theaters this weekend.

1 ‘Thor’ So many things are odd about this: a comic book movie directed by Kenneth Branagh and co-starring Natalie Portman, and it’s in 3-D IMAX. Will the Shakespearean director be able to produce empty-headed fun with Chris Hemsworth as the lead? By the hammer of Thor, we hope so.

2 ‘Something Borrowed’ Is it just us, or is Kate Hudson constantly playing the jerk who always wins? In this one, she steals Ginnifer Goodwin's man, but we’d be happy to see Goodwin's character end up with co-star John Krasinski anyway.

3 ‘Jumping the Broom’ This wedding tale set on Martha's Vineyard shows two African-American families clashing over their divergent economic backgrounds.

4 ‘Fast Five’ This one took the box office last week, stunning appreciators of movies everywhere. Will the fifth installment of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise do it again this weekend?

5 ‘Last Night’ Sam Worthington and Keira Knightley star as a young married couple teetering on the edge, as each partner finds a temptation when they spend a night apart. Eva Mendes co-stars.

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