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5 reasons to go to the movies this weekend

Check out these films in theaters this weekend.

1. ‘Immortals’ 

Critics have been buzzing that the director of “The Cell” and the man behind one of the two new Snow White remakes, Tarsem Singh, has a fun hit on his hands with this tale of a man (Henry Cavill) chosen by Zeus to fight against King Hyperion’s quest to find the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

2. ‘J. Edgar’ 

Though Clint Eastwood’s latest effort may not shine like some of his previous films, this biopic about the first head of the FBI is fascinating — if only for the way it makes Leo DiCaprio look fat and decrepit.

3. ‘Jack and Jill’ 

Isn’t it just the pinnacle of a comic actor’s career when they get to play multiple lead characters? Just ask Eddie Murphy how “Norbit” went down. In this film, Adam Sandler plays a man faced with some unwanted quality time with his annoying twin sister.

4. ‘Tower Heist’ 

The East Coast answer to “Ocean’s 11” stars Ben Stiller as an apartment building manager who assembles a group of fellow disgruntled employees to steal back the pension money that rich tenant (Alan Alda) squandered in a Madoff-esque scam.

5. ‘A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas’ 

Our favorite modern-day Cheech and Chong are back six years after crashing Guantanamo Bay for a very stoney Christmas adventure. Prepare to dodge eggs, hats, fingers and traffic cones in what is probably the only comedy to make the most of its 3-D effects.

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