We called it, and now Ilana Glazer has confirmed it: the comedy queen married her long-term boyfriend, and she's finally posted about it on her Instagram.

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The only problem is, nobody knows anything about her new husband. Who is he?! Here’s what we know.

1. His name is David Rooklin. And that is a basic fact.

2. He is white and also a man. The New Yorker says so! They actually go so far as to describe him as "a trim clean-cut white man in his thirties, with glasses." Specific!

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3. He's not like a regular scientist, he's a cool scientist. According to Bustle, he's doing postdoctoral work at NYU in molecular modeling. So I'm assuming he's some sort of genius.

4. He looks like the guy from Kings of Leon right now. Pictures never lie.

a real man ? ... ?

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5. He's married!To a woman named Ilana Glazer. How crazy is that?

Now you know everything you need to know. Congratulations ya crazy kids!

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