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Dash Mihok is being remarkably good about not giving away any details about the last few episodes of the current season of "Ray Donovan" — even after I've tried plying him with a couple beers. "You know my show, they can whack me at any time, so I kind of can't talk too much. They won't hesitate to whack somebody, even if you're a family member," he says.

One person on the series we agree is probably pretty safe from any vindictive whacking is Mihok's co-star, Liev Schrieber, who plays the titular Ray. It would be weird if they killed off Ray Donovan on "Ray Donovan," after all. Or maybe not. "They could just start calling it 'the Donovans' or something," Mihok offers. "No, he's safe."

We're hiding out in the back of Silver Lake's Black Cat bar and grill over sopes, po' boys and the aforementioned beers, and spoilers aside, Mihok is actually feeling quite talkative. On the series, currently wrapping up its second season and recently renewed for a third, Mihok has gotten plenty of time to explore the tortured soul of Bunchy Donovan, a luxury he attributes to the nature of television. "In general, you see all these movie actors moving to TV because it's racier, it's more interesting, and they're enjoying getting to portray these people that are really, really complicated and layered and flawed for more than two hours," he says.


He's not really talking about about TV in general, though, but cable. "Network is network. It's fun here and there, but you don't really get to explore anybody," he says. "No offense to CBS, my parent company, but I don't watch anything on there. There's so much on streaming and on cable now."

In fact, Mihok is so enamored by the television world that he's actively getting into the game behind the camera. "I just directed a pilot and screened it at my agency last week. We're going to sell it," he says. "It's a really dark comedy, and it could go to places like Amazon or Netflix. It's pretty racy language, but there are all these outlets for that now. We just made it ourselves, and we're going to shop it. You could never do that before."

But Mihok hasn't left movies behind — far from it. With two films wrapped — including Mike Flanagan's "Somnia" — and another in production, Mihok has feet planted firmly in both the film and television worlds, another luxury he attributes to the more generous cable schedule. And he's still got a few items on his wish list.

"You know what I want to do? I want to shoot a movie in Europe. I've never done that. You'd think that would've happened by now," he says. "I mean, I'd love to be the lead and work every day, but if I didn't have to, it would be great to have those days off so you can just take day trips to other places that you haven't been. It's like, 'Let's just bounce to Morocco for a couple of days,' and it's like going to Florida."

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