For Melinda Morris, an Evite just won’t cut it. “I adore fine paper and the tangible nature of the hand-written note or beautifully printed design,” says the owner of Lion in the Sun, a Park Slope paperie.

Lion in the Sun designs custom announcements, including wedding invitations, birth notices and holiday greetings. The staff’s goal is to make their clients’ joyous occasions as stress-free as possible.

Morris got her start in stationary at a young age, working for her mother’s store — the original Lion in the Sun, located in Huntington. After a nine-year stint in nonprofit event-planning, she followed her passion — and her mother’s footsteps — to open Lion in the Sun in Park Slope. She co-owns the store with her husband and business partner, David.

“I have always loved event planning and helping people plan important events in their lives,” Morris says. “The custom printing and paper part was in my blood.”

Lion in the Sun recently launched PostScript Brooklyn, the store’s own line of wedding invitations that shoppers can browse, design and order online. Created in conjunction with local artists and designers, the PostScript Brooklyn line celebrates iconic New York City imagery, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

Though the store is a shrine to paper products, the owners make sure they keep the environment in mind. Most of their cards and gift wrap are from a sustainable source, and all items from the PostScript Brooklyn line are printed on 100 percent cotton or recycled paper.

Lion in the Sun also carries greeting cards (many created by local artists), calendars, bulk stationary for at-home printing and a small selection of gifts.

All in the family

Founded in 1981, the original Lion in the Sun is located in Huntington. The shop is much larger than its Brooklyn counterpart and is therefore able to offer a larger selection of gift items. Although the clientele at each store is different (Park Slope’s shoppers are a bit younger), both mother and daughter share a belief in superior design and customer service.