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It looks like Aaron Carter's party is crashing down on him pretty quickly.

A former employee is seeking $50,000 from Carter, claiming the former child star and brother of Nick Carter, of Backstreet Boy fame, refused to pay him for his work on Carter's website.

In the lawsuit, a man named John Cantu said he had agreed to develop and maintain a website for Carter. But after requesting payment last month, Cantu claims the 28-year-old singer dismissed him as an "intern" and refused to pay, according to TMZ.

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In addition to suing Carter, Cantu fired back by crashing the website and replacing its contents with a link to his personal Twitter account, urging visitors to "follow a genius" instead. The website is now offline.

Though he has yet to release an official statement, Carter seemed to fire back at Cantu and at the lawsuit via social media: "There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed. I rest my case," he tweeted on Sunday.

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