About Time - World Premiere - Inside Arrivals Credit: Getty Images


What? Is it time for another episode of The Ro-Co Review? Why yes, Faithful Listener. Yes, it is.


Now, this movie is something that Nate has been looking forward to for months, maybe with a little bit of trepidation because Tash has not been a Richard Curtis fan in our previous outings. (If you watch romantic comedies at all, you know Richard Curtis — he brought us "Four Weddings and a Funeral," "Bridget Jones," "Notting Hill" and "Love Actually.") But there was no need to worry. Curtis brought the goods big time.


Our returning guest is the lovely Laura Bahr as we watch "About Time" starring Domhnall Gleeson ("Harry Potter"), Rachel McAdams (no stranger to time traveling husbands), and Bill Nighy. This movie starts as Gleeson's character Tim learns on his 21st birthday that all the men in his family can travel back in time. Once you swallow that pill, you're in for an emotional yet completely satisfying movie. Maybe a bit more on the romance side of things than the comedy scale, but Curtis still has it!


Topics include: "My Sister, the Date Monitor,"Nate's disturbing second-grade teacher, vagina massages, the "mom" cut, crying in movies, restaurants in the dark and astral projection. Take a listen!