It's time, everybody. We're finally reaching 2015, the future presented in the 1989 sequel "Back to the Future II" that was full of auto-drying jackets, freeze-dried pizza and hoverboards. So now is about as good a time as any to take stock and see how we're doing with the technological advancements predicted in the film. And well, we've got some bad news for you. We do in fact still need roads.

It looked like we almost had this, but it turned out to be a Funny or Die hoax that Tony Hawk was in on. He's back again saying for real he's really tried one out, but we're finding it hard to trust again. Besides, if Segways never really took off, what hope to Hoverboards have?

Possibly the biggest gripe people today have about the future we were all promised, after jetpacks. Way to continue that wave of disappointment, "Back to the Future II."

Still not sure exactly how this technology is supposed to rejuvenate and enlarge a hockey puck-sized frozen pizza, but that's beside the point. The film apparently predicted that Black & Decker would still be the reigning kitchen gadget company of the future. Boy, were they wrong.


In the film, they basically combine giant home flat-screen TVs and Skype. They even had the foresight to predict the massive, industry-wide aspect ratio change to widescreen. That picture frame TV looks suspiciously similar to what we actually have today.

Nike actually released a replica version of these totally boss high-tops in 2011, but they weren't actually self-lacing, so really what's the point? We're stilling bending down to tie our shoes like our parents and grandparents.

This one's not that far off, actually, given the rise of consumer-level remote-control drones and GoPro cameras. So good work, movie.

Thank God these never caught on. The less said about this bizarre fashion choice, the better.

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