Today’s lesson in respecting people’s personal space comes from a young woman who rushed the stage at a Maroon 5 concert.

While Adam Levine was in the middle of serenading an ocean of screaming twenty and thirtysomething single women, a woman climbed on stage and rushed the singer from behind.
Video from the concert captured a visibly shocked and upset Levine, who was “in the moment” and not expecting a human creature to rush the stage and invade his space.

@AdamLevine handles that like a pro! Thanks @leximendieta for finding!! #AdamLevine #stayoffstageidiot #thisisntthevoice #hopeyouenjoyedthecarpark

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After the human space invader was escorted off the stage, Levine told the audience:

“It’s just weird to be, like, you’re in the moment, ya know? And you’re singing, and your eyes are closed, and you have this beautiful moment. And then the next thing you know someone’s f-cking in your face. Super terrifying. It’s just like you weren’t expecting it.”
Let this be a lesson to you all, don't be a personal space invader, or rush a Maroon 5 stage.

Wow #AdamLevine

A video posted by A Girl (@maroon5_savedme) on

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