Alan Thicke and wife Tanya Callau, who are not at all shy.Getty Images

This should completely ruin any "Growing Pains" rerun viewings you had planned. Alan Thicke and wife Tanya Callau revealed to Us Weekly that they like to get it on to the sounds of Alan's son, Robin Thicke. "When we do get freaky, we love [Robin's song] 'Sex Therapy,'" Callau explains to Us Weekly. "You have to admit, it's a great song to get in the mood."

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And if you think you're grossed out by that, imagine how Robin feels. Actually, you don't have to since the singer made his feelings on the subject perfectly clear. "Dad, I heard what you said," he posted to Twitter. "I need you to give back all of my music. Immediately." That's no way to treat your biggest fan, Robin!

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