Just ten days after his highly publicized clash with a Daily News photographer, Alec Baldwin has struck again.

In his most recent outburst, Baldwin clutched the arm of a photographer outside his Village apartment, as reported by TMZ, after the paparazzo dared to linger in his neighborhood, taking pictures and speaking to people.

Baldwin gave the unsuspecting man's arm a death grip before finally letting go, only to turn on his heel and re-ignite the hostile situation.

"I want you to shut the f--k up, and get out of here," Baldwin said, while clutching a pink stuffed animal.


"Leave my neighbor alone," he warned.

"I was just telling you to have a good wedding," the disheveled photographer stammered.

"Shut up," Baldwin responded before adding one final remark. "You little girl," he snarled as he turned and walked into his apartment building (still holding a pink stuffed animal).

On June 19, Baldwin was caught on film shoving a Daily News photographer outside Marriage License Bureau after obtaining a marriage license for his upcoming nuptials to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas.

The next day, a reporter claimed Baldwin shoved her and ran over her foot with his bicycle while she staked out his apartment with a cluster of other reporters and photogs.

Have these photographers not learned by now to avoid messing with Alec Baldwin? And has Alec Baldwin not learned by now that wigging out on photographers is only going to attract more of them?

It's a vicious, vicious cycle.

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