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All about Ian McKellen and Taylor Swift's bad blood

Hanging out with Taylor Swift is not one of Ian McKellen's squad goals, apparently.

While Ian McKellen's BFF, Patrick Stewart, might have been thrilled at the prospect of joining the ever-ballooning ranks of Taylor Swift's squad, McKellen himself is in no rush. In fact, he even turned down Swift's invitation to make a cameo at one of her recent L.A. gigs. Saying no to Swift? Apparently it is possible.

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So why did the "X-Men" and "Lord of the Rings" star decline the offer? It turns out the two have a bit of a history. "When I was living in Peter Jackson's apartment in New York, Taylor Swift bought it while I was there and I was thrown out before I wanted to leave. That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift's team, does it?" McKellen reveals to Gay Star News. "She bought it, she had every right to. I was just lodging there for free. She did ask me to appear with Patrick Stewart at her show in L.A., but I had something else to do that night." That is some impressive shade, sir.

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