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American Psycho: Did you party at Patrick Bateman's favorite spots?

Patrick Bateman, though murderous and psychotic, is a picture perfect image of 80's cool. Where you hip enough to hang out at his favorite (or least favorite) places in American Psycho?

Have you always wanted to be as cool, but less psychotic than Patrick
Bateman? The iconic American Psycho character might hate name-dropping,
but the movie is filled with the people and places of NYC during the

Bateman, perhaps the most debonair murderer in movie history,
references The Tunnel, The Harvard Club, Arcadia, Orso's, 150 Wooster
and many, many more hot spots of his era. Some remain while some are now
memories as distant as shoulder pads and Members Only jackets.

Scouting New York has compiled a list of the places that appear or are
mentioned in the film. Did you party at any of these places? Did you
wish you partied at any of these places? Most importantly, would Patrick
Bateman still want to party at any of these places?

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