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Amy Schumer booed by Trump supporters in Florida

The comedienne asks the conservative hecklers to leave and they oblige.
Getty Images

Things got heated at Amy Schumer's show in Florida on Sunday.

The comedian invited a Trump supporter onstage in Tampa to ask why he thought the Donald was a better candidate, then threw a few jabs at the business tycoon-turned-media-star-turned-presidential frontrunner. That didn’t sit well with the Trump supporters in the crowd, who began to boo the 35-year-old actress.

It’s surprising there were any Trump supporters in attendance at all, given that Schumer has publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election. Eventually, Schumer asked the salty audience members to leave or be escorted out, and some 200 people left,CBS reports. That didn’t deter Schumer, who still had an audience of about 19,800 to entertain without disturbance, like a boss.

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