Mitch Winehouse

Brian Rasic/Getty Images

The Amy Winehouse documentary, "Amy," won an Oscar, and the late singer's dad is not happy about it. "Always proud of my baby. Amy will not get an Oscar though. Just [director] Asif Kapadia," Mitch Winehouse wrote in a heated Twitter post.


"That is what this is all about: Asif. He's fooled everybody. I am not changing my stance just because film won Oscar. It's a negative, spiteful and misleading portrayal of Amy. We will fix this." And by fix this, he likely means his previously spouted plans for a rival doc. We're going to invite everyone that's spoken on the other film and we're not going to edit it, like they've edited me, and we're going to tell the truth about Amy's life because this is not," he said last summer during an interview on the British talk show "Loose Women." Hey, maybe that will get an Oscar, too!