The Interview

Diana Bang joins Seth Rogen, James Franco and a seriously adorable puppy in "The ISony

It's been hard keeping up with the many hairpin turns in the story of "The Interview," the Seth Rogen-James Franco romp in which they are tasked by the CIA with taking out North Korean despot Kim Jong-un. First it allegedy caused a massive Sony hack. Then terrorist threats targeted theaters that would show it. Then Sony gave theaters the option to not run it. Then Sony pulled it all together. Then Sony would release it after all, but really only to independent theaters.

And then all of a sudden it was released at 1 p.m. EST Wednesday, December 23 to YouTube, Google Play, Xbox video and the movie's own streaming site.

We know some of you are genuinely ecstatic and others are deeply suspect.For what it's worth, we think the movie's really funny, even as we'll admit it's not exactly cutting satire — not that a movie featuring so much anus humor likely ever aspired to be "Dr. Strangelove." We're glad it exists, in part because of Franco's inspiredly goofy turn, even before he's introduced to the fourth or fifth cutest puppy ever to grace a movie screen. Our review is here.

So have at it. Your mom will love the part that prompts the line "the tiger's blood will serve as lubricant!"


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