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Stars — they're just like us. Except when they're totally out-of-touch and used outdated, super-posh expressions while complaining about not sitting in first class. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's set the stage: On a recent flight, Andie MacDowell — she of "Groundhog Day," "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and oh so many L'Oreal ads — experienced some questionable customer service. "I paid for first class and they put me in tourist because of my dog that I pre-booked and paid for," she tweeted. Tourist class! Can you imagine? Oh, the indignity.

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The problem, as it turned out, was that she'd brought along her adorable dog and had planned to sit in seat 1A, but that wasn't going to work for "the rudest person I have ever had to deal with," as she described the check-in attendant in Charlotte, North Carolina, since there was no seat in front of it under which she could stow the dog's carrier. "He did not want to help," she writes. "There was no excuse why the guy would not just let me ask someone to change seats he had a power trip.I just want to be reimbursed for my second part of my trip." And to not have to sit in tourist, obviously.

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