Ah, simpler times.

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Another day, another $100,000.


Despite promising to keep the details of their divorce proceedings on the hush hush, InTouch exclusively reports that Angelina Jolie is making outrageous demands in her battle for sole custody against Brad Pitt.


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The actress and philanthropist is asking for $100,000 a month in child support, to pay for all of the kids’ expenses and set up trust funds for each of the six children. Her team is proposing that an additional $250,000 be set aside each year to be put in the trust by her almost ex-husband.


Just to put some things in perspective, Angelina Jolie is worth $160 million. Brad Pitt is worth $240 million. What I mean to say is, both of these people are LOADED.


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Surely, taking care of six kids is super expensive, but also? This whole thing is just depressing. First, the only couple worth caring about breaks up, and then all of this ugly stuff comes out?

I am now convinced the concept of love no longer exists.