Man, this divorce can’t be finalized sooner.


Brad Pitt is allegedly sovery happy to see his children as they’ve recently returned from a week-long trip to Cambodia and London. The trip reportedly made Angelina Jolie “sad.” Okay, girl.


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This is the longest Pitt, 53, has been away from his children, and it’s tearin’ up his heart, just like the classic *NSYNC song.


Taking an extended trip without Pitt was hard for Jolie, age41. Probably just because traveling with a million kids is a nightmare, but presumably also because of emotions or whatever. According to Hollywood Life, a source said that Jolie was “struggling with overwhelming sadness” over taking her first trip with the children without the “Allied” actor.


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Just as long as they don't take any divorce tips from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.