Animal Planet’s newest show, “The Zoo,” premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET, but Metro scored a sneak peek of the first episode, which includes what might be the first documented case of glaucoma in a gorilla.

The animals are, of course, front and center, but the breakout star might end up being Kathleen LaMattina, who happens to be married to the zoo’s director, Jim Breheny, whom Metro interviewed earlier this week.

In the first episode, we see how LaMattina reacts when the Malayan tiger cubs that she bottle fed around the clock after their mom stopped caring for them were ready for life in the tiger exhibit.

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Viewers also get to watch two maleos bond, but the birds don’t need romantic dinners to fertilize an egg. “Peanuts are maleo crack,” keeper Alana O’Sullivan said in the episode.

During the premiere event, zoo staff seemed a bit camera shy, despite having just filmed the eight-part series, but many said they were just doing what they love – taking care of the animals and being a part of the Bronx Zoo family.

The gorillas in the Congo Gorilla Forest were less shy than their keepers and during the first episode, a cameraman caught a gorilla waving at him. After the event, one of the exhibit specialists told Metro the gorilla was “messing with” the cameraman. The primate would wave, but when the camera was rolling, she pretended like she was just chilling out. Every time the camera turned away, she’d wave again.

Catch up with the antics of the 6,000 species living in the “boogie-down Bronx” on Saturdays with “The Zoo.”

Check back as we post more images and videos from the event.

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