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Anne Archer stars as Jane Fonda in London play

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Oscar nominee Anne Archer steps into the shoes of a Hollywood star in the play "The Trial of Jane Fonda", a drama about the American actress and her anti-Vietnam War campaigning.

The play, written by Archer's husband Terry Jastrow, traces Fonda's 1988 meeting with U.S. war veterans, who had staged demonstrations to halt the production of a film she was working on because of her past campaigns against the Vietnam War.

While the content of the meeting was never divulged according to the play synopsis, Jastrow spoke with Fonda and dozens of veterans in research for the drama, which debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014 and now has additional scenes and a new director for its July 13-Aug. 20 run in London.

"I think it's a story of war and peace, of why do we fight these unnecessary wars, why do we get involved, what are the losses there," Archer told Reuters. "I think we can all relate to this story around the world and I think it's a story that must be told."


(Reporting By Sara Hemrajani)