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You know you've really made it when an enterprising hacker group — or someone claiming to be a part of them, at least — calls you out by name. Or maybe the folks at Anonymous are just really big Beck fans. In an eight-minute video posted online this week, a masked Anonymous representative calls outKanyeWest for his Grammys outburst and regularly stealing "the moment from others who work equally as hard for their recognition." And the masked griper saves some ire for KimKardashian as well, calling out her name-making sex tape and last year's attempt to break the Internet. But back to West. The video-maker has some unkind words for him in summation: "You're just a new slave that the industry uses to help keep the population in a cycle of stupidity and distraction," he says. This can only have terrible repercussions on West's and Kardashian's egos. We're all doomed.

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