Ansel Elgort
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Ansel Elgort is a comparably new celebrity, so you'd expect him to go all out for his 21st birthday, using his status to score himself all sorts of big, fancy gifts. And while he certainly did go big, celebrating the opening of "Insurgent" and DJing a club in New York City, he's also using it as a way to help those in need. What a guy!

Elgort teamed up with The Thirst Project, posting a letter on their site asking his fans to donate money to the organization for his birthday."For my birthday this year, I wanted to do something different and special...and so here I am, to raise money to help provide safe, clean drinking water and proper sanitation to people that only have access to dirty, disease-ridden water," he says in his post.

Elgort says he will be giving Twitter shout-outs to people who donate and will even take a donor to lunch. The campaign is running until April 24. Click here for more details.

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