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"Captain America: Winter Soldier" co-star Anthony Mackie was arrested in New York City for driving while intoxicated over the weekend, according to TMZ.

The actor was initially pulled over because of the tinting on his Dodge Challenger's windows, but when police noticed alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes they conducted several field sobriety tests, which Mackie reportedly failed.

He refused to take a blood-alcohol test and had his license suspended.


In a recent interview with Metro, the actor chatted with us about his role of Falcon, the first African-American superhero,in the new "Captain America: Winter Soldier."

"The Falcon has been introduced into the comic book world in three incarnations. The big challenge for [director Anthony and Joe Russo] and I was which one do we choose and which direction do we go with the character," he told us. "So they allowed me luckily enough to be very involved in that and make him more of a human being, as opposed to a caricature of what people wanted Falcon to be."

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