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Apparently you can embarrass Miley Cyrus

She's just being Miley.
Getty Images

You might think that Miley Cyrus has not shame, but you'd be wrong. The "Wrecking Ball" singer — so fond of minimal yet complicated outfits and exposed tongues — was spotted courtside at a New York Knicks game with sister Brandi and mom Tish recently, and she did not necessarily look at ease with all the Jumbotron attention she was getting once the camera-folk spotted her.

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S ure, she offered up a trademarked double peace sign with tongue out, but her heart clearly wasn't in it. Just to prove how mortified she was, Cyrus posted her own Instagram shot of the big screen showing her giving a much less outlandish expression, along with the caption, "Embarrassed of all embarrassed." But hey, at least she was smart enough to wear a Knicks shirt while visiting the Garden.

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