Reggae legend Bob Marley died thirty years ago today of melanoma. Is there any way to remember the man without seeming like a huge d-bag?


Let's run down the options:


»Smoke pot: We're not saying don't do this, but we're also saying that you should have some self-respect.


»Listen to "Jamming": Not recommended. This is every frat star's first choice of Marley tune.


»Listen to "Soul Shakedown Party": Recommended! If you really want a feel-good Marley party song, this is the one to choose:

»Embrace the 'Pan-African' movement of Marley idols like Marcus Garvey: Good idea, though if you're white you might maybe want to tone down the "back to Africa" stuff. It could get misconstrued.

»Oppose apartheid: Maybe a little too late for that? But definitely stand up against injustice.

»Celebrate the concept of "One Love": Couldn't hurt!