Grace Weber Indie-soul artist Grace Weber will be performing at Rockwood Music Hall on June 23.
Credit: Shervin Lainez

She may live in Brooklyn, but singer Grace Weber's voice drips of soul and gospel. The petite blonde wowed a packed Rockwood Music Hall last month, belting out songs from her new album, "The Refinery." If she sounds vaguely familiar it's because you might have seen her on Oprah, where she sang "Natural Woman," or heard her music playing as you ordered a latte at Starbucks. After years of hard work and almost big breaks, now seems to be Weber's "moment."

Growing up, Weber listened to women musicians with strong voices, like Etta James and Lauren Hill. The influence these artists - and her gospel singing roots - had on her is easy to hear. And since she wrote many of her songs while living in Brooklyn, the lyrics from her new album are about things virtually any city-dweller can relate to. "I see myself in strangers, on the subway, on the street, I find a little comfort when our eyes meet," she croons in her new single, "Perfect Strangers."


Weber will be returning to Rockwood Music Hall on June 23. Click here for tickets and more information.

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