paul mccartney concert twitter Q&A Paul McCartney answered some serious, but mostly silly questions submitted through Twitter on Monday afternoon.
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For an Englishman, Paul McCartney's pop culture tastes would fit right in stateside.

The former Beatle (@PaulMcCartney) revealed that he has a real thing for pecan pie, Martin Scorsese and Kanye West during a Twitter chat Monday afternoon with the hashtag #AskPaul to promote his new song, “Wings at the Speed of Sound.”

Over the course of an hour, Sir Paul fielded some serious (but mostly silly) questions from fans worldwide. Here are some of the highlights.


Despite touring worldwide, there’s at least one country he’s yet to cross off his bucket list.

Apparently, he runs a bit warm.

And he’s still looking for a place to hide away.

The next time you find yourself in the same room with McCartney and a karaoke machine, go ahead and try your hand at one of his songs.

Considering the season, he offered up some Halloween-themed recommendations, such as carving a pumpkin in Dave Grohl’s image and a shoutout to Mars bars, and a movie:

Even celebrities have hidden talents.

Rock stars: They’re just like us, singing disco standards, showtunes and, well, the obvious in the shower.

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