Ron Graves is very passionate about his frozen yogurt store, Pinkberry. It’s a name synonymous with bright, health conscious L.A. style and one that Boston is getting a taste of, literally, as Pinkberry opened this fall on Newbury Street.

“The words I use to describe Pinkberry include authentic, genuinely inspired, lovingly created, served with humility and gratitude, crisp, clean, light, refreshing, uplifting, thoughtful and uncompromising,” Graves enthuses, albeit with a little bit of bias.

“Pinkberry is a one-of-a-kind experience,” he continues, and Pinkberry devotees, or Pinkberry groupies as they’re known, would likely agree.

Traditional ice cream parlor culture, rather than frozen yogurt shops of the 1980s and 1990s, originally inspired Graves, a 47-year-old Seattle native who lives in Los Angeles. Pinkberry launched in West Hollywood in January 2005 and now numbers over 100 locations across the country. The first Mass. store opened in Hingham this past summer and Graves plans to open more in the area, but at this point will only say, “We currently have several locations at various stages of development in the works.”

All scream for froyo

Pinkberry frozen nonfat yogurt is made from hormone-free milk and certified as having the live, active cultures that give yogurt its healthy properties. Flavors include Pinkberry’s signature tangy original, pomegranate, coconut, chocolate, mango and a changing featured flavor, such as pumpkin for fall. The toppings bar echoes Pinkberry’s eye on health and quality and includes organic gummy bears with no high fructose corn syrup, all-natural honey almond granola and premium Belgian chocolate shavings. In addition to cups and cones, Pinkberry offers 25-oz. iced take-home tubs and Fruit Bowls made with freshly cut fruit and Swirly Whip, a whipped topping in the Pinkberry original flavor.

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