Pumpkinhead passed away on Tuesday June 9. He was 39.

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Pumpkinhead, or PH, a Brooklyn-born underground hip-hop legend passed away Tuesday, June 9 at a hospital in Somerville, New Jersey. He was 39.

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The rapper, whose real name is Robert Diaz spent many years in the battle-rap scene and worked with artists such as Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, Royce Da 5'9," and many others.

Aside from competing in battle rap competitions, and perfornances around the world, he’s best known for his 2005 album, "Orange Moon Over Brooklyn."


Here's a look back at some of his best songs, features, and freestyles.

Code Red (Jean Grae)

Global Warming - Jedi Mind Tricks

Of The Same Air featuring Talib Kweli


The Best

That's That Sh*t

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