World Star Hip Hop, a site that features entertainment news and videos, recently released a video starring Australian hurdler and model Michelle Jenneke.


You may recall Jenneke from 2012, when she received some attention for her pre-hurdle warm up routine which involved dancing (it’s more like jumping IMHO, but whatever).


Anyway, the video features Jenneke doing all sorts of things like:


Playing with her hair and walking to a pool, probably for a nice swim...


Getting out of a pool.

Wiping off sweat.


Squatting some more.

Walking around in a two-piece.

Drying off...

Drying off some more.

Working out...

Working out real hard.

Suddenly coming out of a pool again. Will she ever get out??

"Warming up."

Does this count as a butt shot?

One of the few shots in which Jenneke does what she's famous for.

Another butt shot.

More butt shots!

Jumping on a trampoline.

Hashtag alert!

Jumping on a trampoline in a two-piece is classy if half of that two-piece is a sportsbra.

We're not entirely sure what the point or meaning of the video is.

Maybe there isn't one?

We're pretty sure though that it will get a couple of hundred replays from individuals who are really into hurdling... and or butts.