(Reuters) - David Brent, the awkward boss from British television series "The Office," is back in a new movie in what may be his last outing for a while, according to comedian Ricky Gervais who portrays the famously irritating character.


"David Brent: Life on the Road" features the former office boss as a traveling salesman now attempting to be a rock star with his band Foregone Conclusion.


"I don't know. Never say never but it's probably the last major thing you'll see of him for a while," Gervais told Reuters at the film's premiere in London on Wednesday night.


"(After promoting the film) I think I'll lay him to rest for a little while probably...and then do something else, like I did after 'The Office' ...You don't just want to do one thing for 30 years."


"David Brent: Life on the Road" hits UK and Irish cinemas on Aug. 19.


(Reporting By Saskia O'Donoghue; Writing by Marie-Louise Gumuchian)