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Azealia Banks is now selling random belongings online

The rapper goes Marie Kondo, sort of.
Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images

Azealia Banksannounced to Facebook over the weekend that she's selling a ton of her stuff online at herDepop page, calledCheapy Kunt Xchange. Hmm...

The 25-year-old,who has a reputation for being volatileonsocial media, waxed dramatic on Facebook about waking up one day and deciding she needed to change, realizing that "similar tomy emotional tendencies, I was holding on to so many things that I have no use for."

Perusing the page, it looks like a randombunch of junk — she may be broke, but she certainly does not have expensive taste. It'sreasonably priced, for the most part,like $5 forturquoise MAC eye shadow and $2 for an Azealia Banks sticker. (Although, Slay,why would you price two paperback copies of Judy Blume's"Are You There, God, It's Me, Margaret?"for $21? Just because they're "vintage"?)

If for some reason,you're interested, you can go shopping for Banks' second-hand sundrieshere.

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