Congratulations, Barry and Garry!


Barry Manilow tied the knot with his longtime partner and manager Garry Kief; his close friend Suzanne Somers broke the news Thursday on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live," reports the Daily Beast.


Though Manilow and his partner have been together for more than 30 years, Manilow kept his sexuality mostly under wraps, never formally coming out.


When Somers appeared as a guest on Cohen's show, a viewer called in and asked if it was true that Manilow got married, as reported by the National Enquirer. "They're married and really happy, and I was there when it was announced and they've been together for 30 years," Somers said.


Cohen seemed surprised, and said of the revelation, "Wow. It's wild. He never formally came out and said it.It's something everybody knew. It's wonderful he's been with his partner for 30 years."


Manilow and his team had not responded to the National Enquirer's article about his wedding and would not confirm or deny if it was true. The National Enquirer reported that Manilow was worried he would isolate his fanbase if they knew he was gay. The singer has a dedicated disciples who call themselves "Fanilows."


But Somers said of the marriage: "I think it's freeing for him ... He's extremely private, extremely. I think it was very difficult, and it's very difficult for me to talk about, so I want to do it with complete respect and love. He's an awesome person, they're both awesome people, they're my dearest friends."