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Apparently something we all missed at the Oscars was a run-in between exes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, both on hand to present awards on Hollywood's big night. During a commercial break, Affleck apparently whispered something in Lopez's ear, earning him a playful sock in the arm from his "Gigli" co-star. And much like Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in "Lost in Translation," we're burning with curiosity as to what he said. Since there's no way to really know, how about some baseless speculation? By all means…

"I've seen 'Boy Next Door' 17 times."

"Once you go Affleck, you never go back-fleck."

"Sometimes I accidentally call my wife by your name."


"We still use 'Gigli' as our safe word."

Or, you know, something else. What do you think he whispered?

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