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Benedict Cumberbatch plays a different kind of genius in 'Imitation Game'

The man known worldwide for his portrayal of London's eccentric private detective Sherlock Holmes will play a real genius in "The Imitation Game," the first trailer for which was released today.

Benedict Cumberbatch will play Alan Turing, the British mathematician who helped break the Nazis' Enigma code during World War II and is considered the father of modern computer science.


Despite his services to the crown, Turing was tried and convicted of homosexuality in 1952 and sentenced to undergo chemical castration. Turing died of a cyanide overdose, thought to be a suicide, two years later. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown issued a formal apology in 2009.

The film also stars Keira Knightley and "Game of Thrones"' Charles Dance. It's due to be released Nov. 21.

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