Bent Knee's "Shiny Eyed Babies" is available today on iTunes.

Zoe Ruth Erwin

Bent Knee are a locally-based six-piece whose members met while at Berklee College of Music. Their brand-new album, “Shiny Eyed Babies” sounds like the soundtrack to a fever dream. And like waking up all sweaty from a weird nightmare and telling somebody about it, talking about it almost doesn’t make sense unless you experienced it. “Yeah, so there was this scary version of the children’s song ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ and there was also this part that sounded like an angry Andrew Lloyd Webber scene, but then it got really symphonic and sweet with a part that sounded like a bunch of little kids singing.”

Music Editor Pat Healy sat down with the band for a Q&A, which is streaming below. The band members discuss the new album, which drops Nov. 11, as well as such far-flung topics as inter-band dating, inventive songwriting techniques, trying to empathize with the loneliness of a tissue that has served its purpose to how they arrived at an album title.

"I think it's how we approach writing music, in general, or at least attempt to" says violinist Chris Baum. "to go back to a state of childlike wonder … and then, from the audience's perspective, seeing someone listening and then it clicking and sharing that moment, and turning them into a shiny eyed baby, if you will."

Before you watch the "Behind the Album" special, check out this exclusive first listen to "In God We Trust," one of the standout tracks from the album.


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