Camille Escobedo’s artistic beginnings were decidedly prim and proper: She moved to Philadelphia from Arlington, Texas 17 years ago to study vocal performance at the University of the Arts. But around 2003, she started to write her own music, and what came out was quite unexpected: a rush of furious, pounding, old-school, sex-obsessed rock ’n’ roll.

After she took the songs to local producer Pete Rydberg, Beretta76 — a quartet of pedal-to-the-floor rock, with Rydberg on guitar and Escobedo out front, belting into the mic — was born.

“I think I still feel more at home musically in jazz and classical singing, but there are just all of these rules in that world. With rock, I finally found some freedom,” explains Escobedo, from her South Philly apartment. “It’s like the songs are these animals that just come out of me. They start a certain way in my head, but with the band they grow up in really wild ways.”

Beretta76 released its only official album, “Black Beauty,” back in 2006. But its members recently recorded six new songs for a forthcoming EP, and promise to debut them live this weekend when the group will play a rare gig at Johnny Brenda’s on Saturday night.


“I feel like the name of the game in Philly is not to overexpose yourself,” says Escobedo. “You want to make sure that things always feel fresh at your show.”

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