Many a girls' night out squad has former "Real Housewives of New York City"'s Bethenny Frankel to thank for making cocktail time guilt-free. Now, she's giving another way for people to indulge without wrecking havoc on their diet: Yesterday, Frankel expanded the Skinnygirl line to include candy, sold at Dylan's Candy Bar.

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So, what exactly is in it?

Having a great product with great ingredients is the main objective for Skinnygirl. "Honestly, the most important part is having high quality ingredients so you get such a quality taste and you're satisfied," Frankel says."[The candy has] high quality, natural ingredients. No preservatives and no trans-fats."


So, what Skinnygirl cocktail or wine would she pair her new candyline with? "I actually think it'd be great with Skinnygirl Cabernet Sauvignon," she says.

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Health eating, not dieting

Though she's built an empire on low-cal products, Frankel tells us she doesn't diet. "I don't believe in dieting. I do believe in healthy eating," she says. Of all the things associated with a balanced diet, "portion control" seems to be at the top of her list. Fad dieting is out and portion control is in. Skinnygirl products have been made with a woman on-the-go in mind. "I've made it easy for you to have a treat in your purse rather than have a big candy bar made with ingredients that you can't pronounce," she says.

Teaching by example

When it comes to teaching her daughter Bryn Hoppy, 5, healthy eating habits, Frankel says she tries to lead by example."I don't believe in talking about weight loss or dieting or anything in the house," she says. It's a refreshing approach in a society obsessed with fad diets and attaining the smallest dress size. "It's all about balance and not having noise around food, especially with kids."

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Her tips for women in business

Frankel is a powerful, self-made businesswoman. From TV, to books, to food, she seems bent on conquering it all. With other businesswomen looking to emulate her success, Frankel says, "it's all about execution. You have to be willing to have the drive, the passion." She doesn't believe in letting your resume hold you back. There is, however, an important thing to remember: "Know that someone else is willing to work twice as hard." Recognizing this will certainly give entrepreneurs the push to keep going and really think about their "execution."

The Future of Skinnygirl

The products Skinnygirl offers seems to grow at an impressive rate. From popcorn, to coffee, to cocktails and protein shakes, Frankel promises, "We're thinking of everything. We're thinking of women...We're not stopping."

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