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Beyoncé performs with a ripped earlobe at Tidal concert

Not even a bloody ear can stop the performer from putting on a good show.
Getty Images

Beyoncé is the greatest living performer and we’re not here to argue about it. Even though she’s finished her “Formation World Tour,” which earned over $250 million, the 35 year-old performer graced the stage again for a charity concert at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center on Saturday night. But it wasn’t an entirely graceful affair. Queen Bey’s earring ripped during her performance of “Haunted” and she started bleeding! But it takes more than a little blood to stop this show. Baddie Bey wiped the blood from her ear and kept the show going without missing a beat. Not that we expected anything less.

Beyoncé was in the company of other big names like Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and T.I. for Tidal X: 1015, which raised money for the Robin Hood foundation. In addition to the money raised, they can rest assured that Beyoncé put forth her blood and sweat on their behalf.

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