Holy cow! Talk about a special "Special Double Issue"! In the November/December edition of the Metro Monthly Music Podcast, Big Boi talks about
sex, Crazy Horse guitarist Poncho Sampedro talks about drugs and Dolly
Parton, Miranda Lambert and Tanlines have some fun too. Also, a whole bunch
of people talk about Joe Strummer, the late leader of The Clash.

OK, Big Boi talks about more than just sex, but we knew we could get your attention with that first description. The man who also goes by Chico Dusty, General Patton, Daddy Fat Saxxx, Hot Tub Tony, Sir Lucious Left Foot and Francis the Savannah Chitlin Pimp discusses why his lyrics are deeper on his new album, "Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors." He also addresses some vicious lies and dangerous rumors regarding OutKast.

And Poncho Sampedro talks about more than just drugs. We just got on the topic because the latest album from Neil Young and Crazy Horse is called "Psychedelic Pill." The guitarist also discusses Neil Young's brilliance as a songwriter and how a bar crawl in 1975 led to one of this humble writer's favorite Neil Young tunes.

Speaking of brilliant songwriters, Dolly Parton discusses what she likes about other people covering the songs that she has written.


Oh, and then a whole bunch of people discuss Joe Strummer, who died 10 years ago this month. But don't just keep reading our description of this program, download the thing by clicking here or by clicking the arrow on the embedded link below!

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