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Bill Watterson: Check out the new art from Calvin and Hobbes creator

The Calvin and Hobbes creator hasn't released any artwork for more than 15 years — until now.

If you're like Metro, you've been mourning the loss of comic strip Calvin and Hobbes since it went off the air roughly 15 years ago, and the Salinger-like reclusiveness of strip creator Bill Watterson has only added to the mystique.

Now, however, Watterson has ducked his toe back into the spotlight, with a painting of the character Petey from the comic strip Cul de Sac. (Watterson previously praised the strip's author Richard Thompson in a forward to the first Cul de Sac book.)

The painting is part of a fund-raising campaign by Team Cul de Sac to benefit Parkinson's research. Check it out:

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