The results of Bobbi Kristina Brown’s autopsy have been publicly revealed on the day that would have been her 23rd birthday, ABC New York reported.
Drug intoxication paired with water immersion was what the Fulton County medical examiner determined as the cause of death for the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.
Brown was “found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Georgia home ... but she was revived after being rushed to a hospital” Metro reported at the time. Brown was then placed in a medically induced coma but later declared brain dead.
“The medical examiner’s office said it reviewed medical records, investigative files and other documents to determine how Brown likely died,” Pix11 recounted. “The office said marijuana and alcohol were involved in the death, along with medications used for sedation or to treat anxiety.”
Brown’s death was the center of a media storm not only because of her young age but because of the eerie similarities to the death of her mother, who also drowned in a bathtub.
The results of Brown’s autopsy were sealed months after she died and were only recently ordered to be unsealed after a judge granted the request from several media organizations for the results to be made public, PIX11 reported.

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