They’re Boston’s most unlikely supergroup. Composed of veteran musicians, each coming from a different musical background, Bodega Girls formed in 2008 to create the one genre of music that none of them had ever attempted: electronic dance rock.

Jake Brennan was a roots rocker. Evan Kenney (ex-Read Yellow) played punk and noise. Jay Cannava (ex-Beatings, Hello Attack, Clouds) was known for heavier music.

And Mac Carroll (of Big Digits) still raps on the side.


A surprising detour in sound from their previous bands, Bodega Girls deliver catchy-as-hell, hedonistic electro-rock. Stumbling from the straight and narrow, their music is a sweaty mix of sex, drugs and dancing. Their pop party anthems focus on decadent nights and unapologetic morning-afters.

“Evan and I hung out for awhile before we found ways to get creative. Eventually, we found creative ways to almost kill ourselves with drugs and alcohol,” says Brennan about the origins of the beat-driven band. “We were making music, but none of us could play drums. Honestly, that was the necessity that became the mother of invention. I never even listened to electronic music.”

Kenney admits the sound is “different from everything we were used to playing, but it’s also a merger of everything we grew up loving: There’s soul and funk and punk rock — well, as much punk rock as you can fit into an electronic band.”

Bodega Girls
Saturday, 8 p.m.
Last Supper Festival
3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn
$10-$15, 718-715-4961

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