Book ’em, Santa — gifts for everyone

Ah, books — the go-to gifts when you just don’t know what to get forpeople. But there’s a reason books make the perfect presents — they’reeasy to wrap, and we all know how to read (or else you wouldn’t beholding this newspaper, right?). Here are our favorite picks that rangefrom beautiful coffee table books to the must-reads for every person onyour list.<p></p>


‘Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History of 1955-Present’
Gail Buckland Knopf,


In the introduction to this amazing collection of rock ’n’ roll photographs, Buckland writes, “Rock and roll has a handmaiden, and her name is photography. The music alone cannot convey the rebellion, liberation, ecstasy, and group dynamic that is rock ... After the music stops, the still image remains, a conduit for the electricity of rock and roll.” What else is there to say?

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