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Brangelina's former bodyguard spills on working for the famous family

The man speaks on his role and close relationship with the children in a new interview.
Getty Images

Mark Billingham had one job during his tenure as bodyguard to the family of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie: keep them protected. According to a revealing interview with The Sun, Billingham claims he spent so much time with the famous family and their kids that he “fathered them, basically.”

Billy, as he is known, didn’t dismiss how protective the couple is of their brood. The former Secret Service agent was one of the very few people allowed to take the children places alone. The 51-year-old also discusses not only having to protect the family from physical harm, but also from social mishaps. He kept extra clothes for them in case of spills and assisted with basic things non-international superstars take for granted, like going to a bar.

And yes, Billy was just as shocked as the rest of the world when he heard about Brangelina’s divorce. Maybe not quite part of the family, then.

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