Oscar winner Jeff Bridges joins forces with "Star Trek" actor Chris Pine for action drama "Hell or High Water", a gritty film set in West Texas exploring the blurry line between good and bad.

Bridges plays a Texas Ranger in the movie while Pine and "Warcraft" actor Ben Foster portray two brothers who rob banks in an attempt to save their family property.

"It was kind of the authenticity really that got my juices flowing," Bridges said at the film's Hollywood premiere on Wednesday. "Also...the ambiguity as far as who is good and who is bad. That is really life like, that is how life seems to me."

Director David Mackenzie added: "I really like that kind of moral grey area where you ask those questions...It was very much there in the DNA of the script."


"Hell or High Water" hits cinemas from Friday. (Reporting By Reuters Television)

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