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Britney Spears tried to set up Taylor Lautner with sis Jamie Lynn, says John Stamos

At the iHeart Radio Music Festival, Lautner confirmed the rumor.

Sounds like Britney Spears is definitely on #TeamJacob.

During an interview at the iHeart Radio Music Festival this weekend, John Stamos embarrassed his "Scream Queens" co-star by telling Billboard that Lautner almost dated Jamie Lynn.

"It was a few years ago....it was a long time ago," the 24-year-old stuttered. "We did not go out."

So we guess that means Lautner isn't on #TeamSpears. He prefers dating pop stars that share his first name.


Lautner, who plays a hunky doctor on "Scream Queens," is currently single. We're wondering, which of his co-stars would he pick in a game of "Who'd you rather?"

As for Jamie Lynn, she is currently married with a kid so she probably does not give a f about any of this.

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